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Fullstack.wiki is a repository of documentation for how to build reliable, accessible, cross-platform Web applications.


We aim to document features for use on all platforms, including all Web browsers, embedded devices, crawlers, robots, and tools.

Best practices

Only document best practices, ignore functionality that is outside best practices. This may involve describing deprecated and obsolete functionality and how to migrate away from it.


The goal of Fullstack.wiki is to document how to build applications and websites "maximally accessible" to 97% of the population.

By maximally accessible, we mean each aspect of the application (e.g. visibility, customizability, load time, or any aspect that might prevent a user from using a feature of the application) is not significantly less accessible than a comprable features in most other websites.

We think 97% is a realistic goal that is achievable without significant cost to developers using good tooling and documentation.


Content is authored in bare HTML files annotated with RDFa. Data about the content is embedded using RDFa, extracted from the documents, and used to create lists of content elsewhere.


Having up-to-date answers to problems is important. Most writing should include when the information was last reviewed for correctness. All information should be reviewed and updated from time-to-time.


Often while looking in retrospect, we wouldn't have designed standards the way they were. We should learn from these mistakes and point out the right way to do it, so they don't get repeated. These should be pointed out as soon as is convienent. Articles should have a section called "Nits" that describes the problems, and the right way to go about them.

These problems might include things such as:

  • Misspellings
  • Inconstistencies between standards
  • Willful violations of standards
  • Historical causes of bad behavior

Code of Conduct

Participation on FullstackWiki communication channels shall abide by RFC7154: IETF Guidelines for Conduct. FullstackWiki members will enforce this code by least restrictive means necessary, but reserve the right to use any means necessary up to and including termination of service to ensure that behavior on our communication channels follows the code.

While not mandatory, FullstackWiki additionally encourages all participants to play the role of catalyst.